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20 December 2018
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7 March 2019
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Hub Italy organizes your special event providing the best of Italian products and more.

Location Service:
A wide selection of food specialties to give you as much as possible and make special and uniquer your event . You can choose your location or get advice from our experts. We collaborate with the best local and the best chefs, we can guarantee a success and a fantastic memory for your guests.

Charter Service:
Our service on sailing yachts is in great demand. We supply the galley  not only to the charter companies, but we organize your event directly on a sailing yacht. You can choose both luxury yachts and pure racer yachts: the excitement is guaranteed for you and your guests. We also supply the galley to crews who decide for a long cruise or offshore regattas, guaranteeing them a correct and healthy diet.
For any information contact us, specifying the type of location or charter service.

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